It’s so nice to meet you and I’m excited you found me. I’m a digital photographer based in the New York area, and enjoy traveling all over. I grew up in New Jersey, but my heart is in Maine. I’m recently married to my husband, Brian, and we now live in Westchester County, NY with our Catahoula-mix rescue pup named Scottie.


My style is natural and emotive, and when the shoot calls for it, adventurous! I enjoy shooting outdoors, but have a mobile studio as well and can adapt to whatever your needs might be.

I often ask my subject some questions to open up a bit, and offer some info on myself. We’ll often have some real real conversations before and during your shoot, and if you’re with your partner or family, this will include some prompts and light direction to generate genuine emotion and reactions. I want you to be comfortable, truly, and not feel artificial, and I want you to leave the session having had a fun and inspiring experience, regardless of the type of session or event.

Photo by Jessie Felix Photography

Photo by Jessie Felix Photography

When I am not taking photoS

I enjoy lounging with my pup, cooking with my husband, exploring our new neighborhood, painting and drawing, rock climbing, hiking, and swimming. I love comedy, improv, and live music. I travel frequently, and if I’m not capturing what’s around me, I’m probably taking it all in with just my eyes.


I pride myself on taking a feminist approach to business and to my sessions, both portrait and event. What do I mean by this? Well, I strive to adopt these principles in every part of my business: https://sister.is/12-principles and I am working to implement new models that hold true to my values: empathy, understanding, equality, mindfulness, and respect. In everything from my offerings, pricing, availability, and especially the way I move through a session, I work to maintain these values above all else.

What does this mean for you?

I’ve been told my portrait sessions can be a bit like therapy, in the least scary way possible (promise). And when you receive a gallery from my event photography, you’ll realize that while you were caught in the moment of something special, I was paying attention to every detail and was capturing it from an angle you may not have thought of to give you a full story of the entire experience. In portrait work, I create a trusting and authentic space to bring out the best in yourself.


Why am I a photographer?

After nearly 7 years working in the technology space, I found that I got great satisfaction from my job was when I was seeing people and helping them be seen. I most enjoyed being able to understand and identify great ideas and help bring them to life, whether that was buried in data or buried in a person’s mind. Creating new features, processes, and products from scratch, bringing order to chaos, and working as a team to bring something over the finish line is incredibly rewarding.

This I take into my photography work. I aim to marry my technical skill with my emotional senses; to capture the true essence of people and events, and help others see and remember that truth.

I am never happier than when I get to help someone realize their potential, see their own impact, bring out and highlight what makes them so important and unique. It is gratifying to help people see their genuine beautiful selves. Whether for a professional headshot, an engagement proposal, or political campaign event, and everything in between, I truly enjoy being able to use photography to capture real emotions and energy of an individual or occasion. It is even more rewarding when those images can be used to affect positive change, be it as straightforward as helping a jobseeker land a new gig, as simple as bringing awareness to an important cause, or as meaningful as freezing the moment and memories of love at a wedding.