1.2.19 | Process


This will be my first submission for #project52, a weekly photo assignment, posted by the Friday of each week, all year long. With each one, I’ll post a short blog. The first prompt is #inthebeginning, a #selfportrait. 

I had been having a stressful day yesterday when I took this, and after sorting through some things and calling some supportive people in my life, I was feeling better - very anxious still, but also very determined. I am not one to post selfies and and while I could have smiled, this was more honest. I’m experimenting with black and white and exposing for the highlights in a lower light situation, which felt fitting for my day and mood. Did I just find a life metaphor?

I ended the day back on the horse, thankfully, and cooked up a storm of healthy food while listening to Kate Nash, as a means of cleaning out the cobwebs of the day and focusing on something else. I reminded myself that I need to trust myself, and to be more mindful and respectful of the process. To take joy in it. Especially if things aren’t happening as fast as I would like. 

Today, my body gave in to the stress and finally surrendered to a cold that had been brewing. I’ve taken today to rest, drink a lot of tea, and flex some other creative muscles. Read. Be inspired. Cuddle my dog. This is a change for me, as I have never allowed myself to recover like this before. I can’t help but feel some guilt that I’m not being productive. Which is probably why I ended up writing this post.