Purchasing prints

I use a service called Fotomoto which allows you to select any photo on my site and get a custom print made for you in whatever size or medium via local print shops.

To purchase:

  1. Simply click an image in an eligible gallery (any gallery that is original photos by me and isn’t someone else’s engagement shots, haha) and a lightbox with the full photo will appear.

  2. Hover over the image and a bar on the bottom of the photo should appear, with an option to “Buy” on the bottom lefthand corner.

  3. Click this button and a new overlay window will appear where you can choose your print size and type and enter all your relevant info.

There are regular photo prints (more affordable) and "fine art" prints which are higher quality ink/better range of colors. You can get as small or as large of a size you want, but if you change the aspect ratio, it'll show you where the print will be cropped. This is helpful if you already have a frame hanging around that you might want to use. If you would prefer a poster print, those are available, too!

Please reach out to me at alenapweekes@gmail.com with any questions or issues or to place an order directly with me.